Thursday, September 3, 2009

Robyn is 10 Years Old!

Today is Robyn's 10th birthday! It's crazy that Dave is old enough to have a 10 year old! We had her party last night since she will be with her mom today. We had all the family over for cake and ice cream and then of course Robyn's favorite part, opening presents! She had a blast and loved all the presents. I don't know about her but my favorite one is the one Dave and I gave her, horseback riding! To celebrate on her actual birthday, we picked her up at lunch from school and took her to IHOP (her choice). We hope you had a great birthday Robyn!

Robyn insists on having her own cake like I do for the kids when they turn 1! Whatever makes her feel special!


Nutts said...

WE love Robyn!! Happy 10th Birthday!!!HOrse back riding? Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

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