Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!

Three years ago today Heavenly Father gave me one of the best gifts ever. . . Justin! I can't believe how fast the years have gone. He is such a joy to us and keeps us laughing every day!

January 23, 2006
7:44 a.m.

I know his face is dirty (leftovers from lunch) but that's usually how it is anyways so this is a good representation of him! One day I'll learn to edit photos. . .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few random things. . .

I decided to put Isabelle's hair in pigtails the other day and this is how it turned out. So cute! My new neighbor said that she looks like Boo from Monster's Inc.

We were at the store the other day getting Isabelle some new shoes when Justin spotted these babies. He had them off the shelf and on his feet before I even new what happened! He was sooooo excited about them that I decided to buy them for him and he pretty much hasn't taken them off since! He told the guy in the checkout line behind us that his new shoes were going to make him go faster because they have wheels! They also came in very handy today when it rained!

Justin also had a monumental event happen a couple of days ago, we got rid of his crib and got him a toddler bed! He was so excited the first night that he went to bed early and didn't even want me to say goodnight! He ALWAYS wants to say goodnight to me! It was so funny he had Dave put the blanket over him, shut the door and that was it! One of the easiest bedtimes ever. He did fall out once that night but has done really well ever since, except nap times are pretty much non-existent!

He also said the funniest thing the other day. . .
Justin: Mom we don't live at our house.
Me: We don't? Where do we live?
J: We live at QT!
I guess I've taken him on one too many trips to the gas station to get a drink!
He definitely keeps me laughing every day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Justin's First "Real" Haircut

In a couple of weeks Justin turns three and I want to get some pictures taken so I thought I would get him a "real" haircut and let it grow out for a couple of weeks so that it will look perfect for picture day.


As you can tell, Justin was not very happy while she was cutting his hair but overall was a good sport about it. He kept saying, "Mom why is she doing that?" and did not want to look where she was telling him to.

This after picture isn't so bad but I have to say that I don't like his haircut! I miss the long, shaggy, unprofessional looking style and I hope his hair grows back fast. Dave started a sentence today by saying, "Remember in Dumb and Dumber how Jim Carrey's hair looked like a . . ." and then I cut him off. I don't want to admit what Justin's haircut really looks like and I hope I can salvage it for picture day. In the mean time, Justin is enjoying it because it doesn't get in his eyes anymore!

The Rest of Christmas. . .

Finally some time to catch up on Christmas! We had a great Christmas and were so lucky to be able to spend it with so much family! Here are some activities that took up the rest of our Christmas season. All the Bradshaw grandkids gathered together for the Christmas FHE
Joe and Robyn played the piano while we all sang Christmas carols and then watched a talent show put on by all the kids.

Christmas Eve with the Bradshaw's
Robyn and Cousin Danny as Mary and Joseph.
The Nativity Story was pretty low key this year. We made it through without Justin stealing baby Jesus like he did last year!

The kids each opened one present Christmas Eve, which of course were pj's!

Christmas Day was great! We didn't even open presents until about 8:30 because that's when Justin finally decided to get up! Overall everyone loved their presents and had a great day. It was fun with Justin because this is the first year he understood that Santa was coming and he was just so excited for every gift. He still is saying, "This was the best Christmas ever!"
Robyn got a cool ATM to hold her money for her. She can make deposits and withdrawals and it keeps track of how much she has. Much easier than recounting every time!
Isabelle got a fire truck Cozy Coupe. I was tired of her and Justin fighting over the one we already had so this is definitely a favorite toy of mine too. She really can't move it yet but just likes to get in and out and put things in the "trunk."

Justin got a train set for Christmas. I knew he would like it but I had no idea that hours would be spent just watching the trains! We had to replace all the train batteries two days after Christmas because he played with it so much. I had no idea that the track was so big and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it so I can move it out of my entryway.

Dave and I both loved our presents too. This year was more about buying things that we needed rather than wanted and I really liked it! Dave came up with some really thoughtful gifts, like the Shark Steam mop since I hate mopping the floor and now it is much easier. I have to say though, that the gift I have used the most I actually bought for everyone else but now I am addicted to it! It's a Nintendo DS and I play it every chance I get and have already realized that it will be great entertainment while I am in the hospital with the new baby!

Later that day all of my family came over. Dinner was delicious and luckily wasn't ruined by the fact that the turkey wasn't done cooking when everything else was ready. My new digital thermometer that I received that morning said it was done. Who am I to argue? Luckily, there were plenty of appetizers to hold us over while the turkey finished cooking. There is always PLENTY of food when the Poulsen's get together!

The Poulsen Family Three out of the last four Christmases I have been pregnant! Maybe next year I will like the family Christmas picture . . .

The Bradshaws

We hope that you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!