Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruby 6 months

I just can't get enough of this little face, with her not quite brown but not quite blue eyes. Maybe one day she will pick a color but she is still just so adorable!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Justin's First Soccer Practice

Justin was so excited to start soccer. He pretty much wore his shin guards everywhere when he first got them. He loved the bag that I got for him to carry his ball around in too. He calls it his "BYU ball" because it is blue and white... I've taught him well.

The star athlete
Isabelle has a great time too and it's hard to keep her away from the big kids. She just wants to play soccer with them too!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Annual Tucson Trip

Every year Tucson has a big reptile show that Dave likes to go to. This year we decided to go down the day before and stay the night. We were grateful that Dave's parents decided to join us too. I didn't make it to the show this year, only Dave and his dad went, which I wasn't too sad about but we all went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum again. Last year we went for the first time and we all love it so Dave decided to make it an annual trip. It really is such a neat zoo, even though it's called a museum, especially if you have a fourth grader who is learning about all the animals during Arizona history. It is definitely worth the trip to go down there!

I don't remember what this flower was called but I think it is beautiful! I think I need to plant a bush in my yard!
Dave's parents and Isabelle
Justin's favorite part was getting up close and personal with this Mountain lion. We were literally inches away from him. Luckily there was the nice strong glass to separate us!

They have lots of fun stuff for the kids to do, including this giant tortoise to play on.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

St. George/Pine Valley

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to St. George to visit my parents. It was nice to relax and be able to go outside without melting. The highlight of the trip was going to a small town about a half an hour away called Pine Valley. It's famous because it has the oldest operating chapel for the church there. They give tours and it was really neat to hear the history of the place. When it was built in the 1860s there was only one person who really knew how to build and he only knew how to build ships. So the chapel ended up having many features that a ship would have. The ceiling is the coolest part. It looks like the bottom of a boat! Afterwards we went and had a nice picnic by the river up there.

Ruby's First Cereal

My doctor told me to start feeding Ruby solids about a month and a half ago and I am finally getting around to it! I'm always very hesitant to start because it really upset Justin's stomach the first time and I don't want to go through that again! Ruby seems to be doing fine though and I actually think she enjoyed the whole experience. Maybe next time we can focus more on her actually keeping the cereal in her mouth instead of pushing it out with her tongue.

Why am I sitting in this chair Mom? Where's my bottle?

Justin is such a good helper with Ruby. He can't seem to get enough of her!
She's not quite sure what to think .

Unfortunately, she's not smiling because she likes the food. All you have to do to get Ruby to smile is smile at her, so she's just smiling back at me.

Eventually, she grabbed the spoon and just wanted to chomp on it.

And then she'd finally had enough.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Justin's First Fishing Trip

Justin has been begging Dave to take him fishing so Dave finally bought Justin a Star Wars fishing pole so they could go. Justin had so much fun casting and reeling in the pole at our house. He practiced and practiced every chance he got. Dave and I both were shocked at how much Justin seemed to like it. He eventually got so good that he was casting it over our fence into the neighbors yard! Dave finally got an opportunity to take him so we headed over to Red Mountain Park. We didn't have much time before it got dark but fortunately it is well lit around the pond.

Sorry the picture's a little blurry

Can you see the excitement?!

Isabelle wasn't very interested in fishing and eventually dragged me over to the playground close by.

Patiently waiting for a tug on his line.

Robyn had lots of fun too!
Dave had the only catch of the night but instead of a fish it was a GIANT crawdad. The kids thought it was cool. Justin was a little disappointed that he didn't catch anything but got excited when I told him that just means he gets to go again and try some more. I'm glad he enjoys it so much! Hopefully, he will catch a fish soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Justin's First Day of School

Justin was soooo excited to start Preschool again with Miss Kerry. He was a little hesitant all morning but as soon as we got there and she said she had a present for him he ran into the house without looking back! It was very cute and i'm glad that he likes it so much. He has been working on writing his letters over the summer and I am excited to see how much he improves and learns this year.

He insisted that I get a picture of his new back pack
He especially loved the way he tilted his head in this picture. :)

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to try out your food storage/survival skills? Food Storage Made Easy is going to have a seven day challenge with mock emergencies so you can figure out where you could improve. It's going to start soon so make sure you sign up fast! Plus there are prizes!

Check out this website, http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/7day/#.html

They have given some clues to help you prepare for their emergencies so make sure you check those out. It sounds like I might not be able to go to QT for a whole week! I don't know if I can handle that!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Robyn is 10 Years Old!

Today is Robyn's 10th birthday! It's crazy that Dave is old enough to have a 10 year old! We had her party last night since she will be with her mom today. We had all the family over for cake and ice cream and then of course Robyn's favorite part, opening presents! She had a blast and loved all the presents. I don't know about her but my favorite one is the one Dave and I gave her, horseback riding! To celebrate on her actual birthday, we picked her up at lunch from school and took her to IHOP (her choice). We hope you had a great birthday Robyn!

Robyn insists on having her own cake like I do for the kids when they turn 1! Whatever makes her feel special!