Friday, May 29, 2009

Ruby is Two Months Old!

She was so tired after the doctor today!

Facts about Ruby:
  • As of today she weighs 10 lbs (25%) and is 22 in. long (35%).
  • Sometimes when she spits up it comes out of her nose.
  • We call her Peepers because she has the biggest eyes.
  • Several times she has been compared to the hamster on Bedtime Stories because of her eyes.
  • She has a herniated belly button.
  • She only wakes up one time during the night (usually).
  • She started smiling about a week ago.
  • She is very loved!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Justin's Preschool Graduation

Justin's teacher, Miss Kerry, had a fun little ceremony at the end of the year. All of the kids had the cutest little caps and gowns on. Justin had a hard time keeping his cap on because of all of his hair. She gave Justin a little diploma and then said some really nice things about him. I think that Justin really felt proud of himself!

On a side note, Isabelle was being a little pill and kept running up to the front to be by Justin or to play with the balloons. Usually Dave chases her around but for some reason that day I was. One time I went up to get her with the video camera in my hand. I picked her up with one hand basically, stepped backwards and fell flat on my behind! And yes this was at the front of the room in front of everyone! It's a good thing Justin isn't old enough to be embarrassed by his parents yet because he would have hated me. Needless to say, I was embarrassed enough for the both of us!

This is Justin as he is walking in with the graduation song playing.

Notice the cap missing?

So cute!

I love this look!

Justin and Miss Kerry

Ruby's Blessing

We were so grateful to bless Ruby at the beginning of May. She was so little that most of the dresses wouldn't fit her but I finally found a newborn size dress that was just perfect! Dave did an amazing job with the blessing. I think we both truly feel that there is something extra special about Ruby. Dave got choked up during the blessing and had to pause to compose himself. It was so sweet! I was amazed by some of the things that Dave said and it reaffirmed to me the power of the Priesthood. Dave expressed things that I had already been feeling but never told him. One of the main things is that he blessed Ruby to always be a special comfort to me and for some reason since the day she was born that is what she has been. She calms me. She helps me to breath. She reminds me that everything is okay as long as I have my family. She is my special comfort.

We were so grateful that so much of our family could be there. I was especially grateful that my brother Greg and his family were able to be there for the first time and we of course missed the Capps! We had a wonderful brunch at our house afterwards and really enjoyed this special day!

So sweet!
The Poulsen's
If you're wondering where Justin is he is hiding behind my nephew in the front. He did not want his picture taken at all!

The Bradshaw's
Unfortunately, we didn't get most of Dave's family in the picture!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Sometimes life on these blogs seems too perfect. Here is a little dose of reality. . .

Today our house that we built from the ground up sold at auction. Now I am living in a house that I don't like and am trying my best to be positive about it but having a hard time.

Today Dave spent an obscene amount of money on lizards without talking to me about it first.

Today Justin scratched up my antique piano bench which used to be my Grandmas.

Today a Costco sized bottle of Tide liquid detergent fell off the washer, cracked open and completely leaked all over my laundry room floor.

Today Isabelle fell off the couch, hit a box and then landed on the floor. She was crying so hard that she stopped breathing and passed out. I was feeding Ruby at the time and was only able to break her fall instead of catching her. I don't think I've ever been so scared.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up and hope for a better day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fathers and Sons Campout

Dave took Justin on his first camping trip last Friday. Our ward went up to a place past Roosevelt Lake to camp. Justin was so excited to sleep in his new sleeping bag and to sleep outside. They both had a great time and Justin loved looking for animals. In typical Dave fashion they went looking for snakes. They found two dead ones and then the one below in this picture. Can you tell what kind of snake my three year old is standing only a couple of feet from?

That's right, a rattlesnake! Does anyone else see a problem with letting him stand so close? Thankfully the snake didn't strike because they are way faster then Justin is! At least Dave didn't bring the rattlesnake home like he has before!

I didn't get too many other details out of them other then Justin loved playing with his football friend. When I asked Dave who his football friend was Dave said, "Everyone." Justin is so funny, everyone is automatically his friend. He was playing football with all of the older boys and had a great time.

The only other story I heard about was when they were driving home. Apparently, outside of Globe there is a mountain range with a huge flag pole and American flag on it. When Justin saw it he said, "Look Dad, that's where President Obama lives!" I wish he would never grow up!