Monday, August 31, 2009

Isabelle Is 2 Years Old!!!!

Saturday we had Isabelle's two year birthday party! We had all the family over for hot dogs, cupcakes and ice cream. Isabelle had a blast and I think she especially enjoyed the cupcakes (or at least the frosting!). She loved all of her presents and it has been really fun watching her play "Mommy" to her new dolls. I can't believe that she is two already, actually it's more like I can't believe she is only two! She has been talking up a storm for as long as I can remember and as long as we're at home she is totally potty trained. I think she just wants to keep up with Justin and it really makes her seem a lot older. She is so sweet and I wish that I could bottle up her little voice and keep it in a locket around my neck (I think I've been watching The Little Mermaid too much!). She has such a cute way of saying things and I especially love the way she says "Justin" and "What Mommy?". She loves to sing, especially if the song has motions to it. I think this is such a fun age and I love watching her learn and experience new things. If only she would stop making so many messes! She definitely keeps me busy cleaning up after her and that's why it's a good thing she is so cute. You can't help but laugh at her. We love you Isabelle!

Blogger isn't letting me move the pictures around so these are totally out of order. Sorry!

Daddy's little girl

I love cupcake cakes! They make serving so much easier than a normal cake!
The poofy party dress
The birthday girl!

(Yes, that is a giant bruise above her left eye. She has her brother to thank for that.)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ruby is 5 Months old!

Don't you just love that face?!

Unfortunately, my hopes of having a blue eyed baby are gone. Her eyes finally started changing a couple of weeks ago. They haven't really settled on a color yet but I am sure they will eventually be brown. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with brown. I was just hoping for a little variety! She still isn't sleeping through the night but that's okay because I get to spend lots of time snuggling with her! As long as she keeps sleeping good during the day I will survive! She is finally starting to grow out of being so fussy at night (between 6 and 9) too which is making things easier! I love watching her laugh at Justin and Isabelle. She laughs at the silliest things, especially Justin being goofy. We love you Ruby!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Fifth Grade!

Wow! I can't believe Robyn is old enough to be in the fifth grade!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am such an idiot!

So today I hit my house with my car! Here's the brilliant reason why, I forgot to put it in park! Ever since I started having kids I have been the biggest goof, doing all sorts of dumb things and now I have a new one to add. Here's how it happened. We have two sets of keys in the car. The set that wasn't being used when I got home had the house key on it so I just grabbed it and got out to unlock the front door before I got the kids out so they didn't have to wait in the heat. When I turned around to come back the car was moving! We have a post in front of my house that the car was about to hit so I stepped in between them and got pinned! Thankfully, I did manage to stop the car (did I mention it's a Suburban!) instead of getting completely squished between the car and the post. Could you imagine what would have happened if I wasn't strong enough to stop the car?! Anyways, now I am pinned in between wondering what the heck to do next. My phone was in the car so I couldn't call someone, Dave was at work and wouldn't be home for a long time, and if I can wedge myself out the car will hit the post and both will get damaged. I decided to wait to see if anyone would walk by and could get in my car and back it up then put it in park. Well not too many people go for walks when it's a 112 degrees outside! I realized that our planter was within reach and maybe I could wedge it between the tire and the car to stop it from hitting. I grabbed it and knocked it over spilling the soil and dead flowers everywhere, finally got it into position, shimmied my squished body out and ran for the front seat. The planter didn't do anything and the car still hit the post but there is no damage to either thankfully. The kids had no idea what was going on and were contently watching Brother Bear in the car the whole time. The only damage is the burn to my hand trying to push on a black Suburban in the heat. I can't believe how hot cars can get! Oh yeah, and as I was finally getting the kids out a biker rode by. If only they would have come about two minutes earlier!

The aftermath

Random Pictures of the Kids

Chef Isabelle
This is what Isabelle's hair looks like after it's washed. Very curly and totally in her face. It doesn't seem to bug her though!
I was trying to get Ruby to smile and Justin wanted to help so this is what he did. I guess that's one way to get her to smile!

Ruby's new outfit

Justin's new haircut.

I finally found a place that I actually like the way they cut his hair!

Justin got a Spiderman swimsuit and these are his Spiderman "moves."

Isabelle got a new tutu and these are her ballerina "moves."

Both are from TJ Maxx, one of our new favorite stores.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ruby's Four Month Appointment

Ruby's check up went great. She is in the 75% for height, 35% for head circumference and 15% for weight. She only weighs 12 pounds! The doctor said that was okay though and she is still thriving. She does though, have several weird things about her. Last time I went at her two month appointment he told me she had an herniated belly button. This time he discovered she has some sort of rib disformity that is inherited. It makes her rib cage stick out farther than it should. If you feel her rib cage on both sides you can definitely feel that the left side sticks out way more than the right. After feeling my rib cage and Dave's I've determined she inherited it from Dave. :) It's not really a big deal, just kind of weird. She also has these two little marks under her bottom lip, I call them her vampire bites because that's what they look like to me. I asked the doctor about those too but he said that they are just fat pockets and they're perfectly normal. Finally she has these three little red lines on her left arm, which I asked about too. Apparently, those are normal too and are just some veins that are close to the surface. I wonder what we will discover next time!

The three veins
I couldn't get a picture to take any closer but this shows how noticeable they are against her white skin.
See the little pointy things under her bottom lip? Those are her vampire bites.