Sunday, September 13, 2009

Justin's First Fishing Trip

Justin has been begging Dave to take him fishing so Dave finally bought Justin a Star Wars fishing pole so they could go. Justin had so much fun casting and reeling in the pole at our house. He practiced and practiced every chance he got. Dave and I both were shocked at how much Justin seemed to like it. He eventually got so good that he was casting it over our fence into the neighbors yard! Dave finally got an opportunity to take him so we headed over to Red Mountain Park. We didn't have much time before it got dark but fortunately it is well lit around the pond.

Sorry the picture's a little blurry

Can you see the excitement?!

Isabelle wasn't very interested in fishing and eventually dragged me over to the playground close by.

Patiently waiting for a tug on his line.

Robyn had lots of fun too!
Dave had the only catch of the night but instead of a fish it was a GIANT crawdad. The kids thought it was cool. Justin was a little disappointed that he didn't catch anything but got excited when I told him that just means he gets to go again and try some more. I'm glad he enjoys it so much! Hopefully, he will catch a fish soon!


Julie said...

I forget that people can go fishing at that park! Looks fun. (I wonder what your neighbors thought of the fishing line coming over).

Lindsay said...

That Justin is too cute! I just want to squeeze him.