Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Pictures of the Kids

Chef Isabelle
This is what Isabelle's hair looks like after it's washed. Very curly and totally in her face. It doesn't seem to bug her though!
I was trying to get Ruby to smile and Justin wanted to help so this is what he did. I guess that's one way to get her to smile!

Ruby's new outfit

Justin's new haircut.

I finally found a place that I actually like the way they cut his hair!

Justin got a Spiderman swimsuit and these are his Spiderman "moves."

Isabelle got a new tutu and these are her ballerina "moves."

Both are from TJ Maxx, one of our new favorite stores.


Julie said...

I love Isabelle's curls!!!! But maybe that's because none of my girls have curls like that. Don't you always want what you can't have! Cute pictures.

Billie said...

You're kids are SOOOOO cute!!!