Monday, January 14, 2008


Christmas was so fun this year! It was so fun to watch Justin open his presents and actually know what was going on. It was also fun to have Isabelle and be able to buy cute girly things. Plus it was fun to have my parents stay with us and they were a big help. Justin's favorite present is by far the Little People farm house and I am amazed that he still plays with it every day. Dave's is his new XBOX 360 and Rock Band game to go with it. I have to admit I have fun playing it too. Dave spoils me every Christmas and gets me lots of great things but my favorite is probably my new Bosch mixer and Nutrimill. I know Lois and Linda will appreciate that! Send me your favorite recipes! I now make homemade bread and it is soooooo good and surprisingly easy to make. Isabelle's favorite present is, well let's face it, she doesn't care! I also had a great time having all of my family over (except for Greg and Larisa, we missed you!) for Christmas dinner. Luckily, the turkey tasted great! Here are some highlights from the Christmas season:

This is the quad that Santa gave Justin. It's so fun and goes up to 2 miles an hour!

Dave and my brothers rockin out to Rock Band!

Santa's helpers!

We got to do Christmas twice- once on Christmas day and then again a week later when Robyn got home from Utah.

This is when we went to the Temple Lights. Unfortunately, we were so busy we didn't get to go until after Christmas. At least they were still up!
Isabelle all bundled up to go to the Temple lights!

This is a picture of the Bradshaw grandkids dressed up to act out the Nativity Story. Robyn was a great narrator and Justin was a wiseman but didn't really want to cooperate. I think the highlight was when Justin stole baby Jesus from the crib and ran off with Mary (Mandy) chasing after him.


Rach said...

It looks like you had a fun Christmas!


Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! Let me know what kind of recipes you want and I'll send them your way!

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

yay new posts!!! glad to hear you had a good christmas. thanks for letting us stop by unannounced on Christmas Eve! next time we come we can all play rock band:)

Linda said...

Okay, that picture of Isabelle all bundled up for the Temple lights is adorable!! She is soo dang cute Jilynn! And How exciting that you got a bosch and a nutrimill..!! Don't you just love it? I still need to come and visit you and see your house.