Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol Anyone?

Last night was the first show for this season's American Idol. As usual it had some really good singers and some strange and horrible singers, but I was shocked to find out that Dave and I actually knew one of the singers! Her name is Brooke White, she was the very last one to go. Dave and I went to a Ryan Shupe concert almost a year ago and she opened up for them. She was amazing! If you did watch the show last night then you probably figured out that she is Mormon. Who else would tell Simon that she has never seen a rated R movie, drank or smoked! Dave also was able to get some inside information and we found out that she is still in it(Lasts night's show was taped months ago). We're hoping that means she made it into the final 12! So I know who I am voting for! Check out her myspace page for more info and to hear some of her songs.


Becky said...

Yea American Idol is back on! Something entertaining to watch. I only caught a few minutes here and there. Mostly the wierdo's

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

she was so cute!!! i hope she makes it far!! that is cool that you've heard her perform before. maybe they'll have her on the radio morning shows!!!