Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Naked Tag?

So right now I am basically potty training two kids. Let me tell you how much fun that is! We started with Justin on Dave's birthday (this is like the third or fourth time we've started with him) and Isabelle was so eager to start that I decided to let her a couple of days ago. Actually, it was try to potty train her or constantly clean up her accidents because she keeps taking off her diapers! She is doing pretty good considering the fact that she isn't even two yet and I think it makes Justin try harder because he doesn't want his little sister to beat him at anything. So today they were both naked, due to the potty training, and they started playing tag. Pretty soon Justin started saying they were playing naked tag! It was so funny! He asked me if I wanted to play naked tag but I had to decline because I was making dinner. When Dave got home he asked him too. They had a great time playing naked tag for awhile. We'll have to see if this becomes a favorite game of his or not!


Taylors said...

you're such a nice mom! I think andrew would have a heart attack if he knew his kids were running around naked and had the potential to pee or poop at anytime. I am SO dreading the potty training. I've started very slowly but I just read about 3 day potty training that I really want to try out. the website is Good luck with training 2 kids!!!!!