Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Snow Day!

I'm not really a big fan of the snow after living in Utah for 5 years but I really wanted to take the kids to play in the snow. We finally got the opportunity to go on President's Day and the kids had a blast. We went up to Christopher Creek which is right outside of Payson. Dave's family used to own a cabin there so he wanted to check it out and then we just played in the church parking lot right by it. There was still a lot of snow even though it hadn't snowed recently but it was a little hard. I think the kids favorite thing was eating the snow. Once Isabelle realized she could eat it she just walked around with a snowball in her hand and didn't bother playing with it anymore, just eating it. Justin the next day at school told his teacher all about our trip and how yummy the snow was! Isabelle did not want to hold still for the picture!

Dave helped the kids build a snowman. Notice the snowball in Isabelle's hand!

Justin was excited to finally make a snow angel instead of a carpet angel like he does at home.

Justin and Dave had some good snowball fights!

Yummy snowball!


Julie said...

We haven't made a snow trip up North this year and now I think I've missed my chance. Your pictures really make me regret it. And Isabelle's snow ball is hilarious.

Plus, the Scottsdale Railroad park is one of our favorite places. The kids love it! Sounds like you guys are doing lots before the baby comes!

Kathryn said...

Hey girl!
Did you stay home from church today and update your blog? ha!
What great pictures - and man - you are really packing in the fun. I am feeling like a lazy bum with all the day trips and things you are doing!

Jilynn said...

Ha Ha Kathryn! I stayed home because Justin is sick but maybe next week I can use updating my blog as an excuse to miss church. J/k! And yes I am trying to pack in as much as possible before the baby comes because, let's face it, I won't be going anywhere for a long time after that!

The Hansen Family said...

Snow is fun to visit.. for a minute. :)