Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Train Park

A few weeks ago we went to a train park in Scottsdale. It was so much fun! It had two little trains that you can ride on, a carousel, a train museum, a great playground, and a few other things too. This is Robyn in front of the train museum. It's inside a train that used to be used by one of the President's but I never found out which one. I think I need to go back!

Justin had a lot of fun on the carousel but it was stressful for me. It didn't have any seatbelts so I had to hold on to him the whole time so he wouldn't fall off. I found out later that it is an old carousel on the carousel preservation list and that's why they haven't "upgraded" it.

This was Justin and Robyn's favorite part. At the end of one of the trains they have this little cattle car that the kids can ride in and they shut the door so they're kind of trapped. Justin loved It!

Dave took Isabelle on one of the train rides and she screamed the whole time! I guess she didn't like it but she loved the playground and playing in the sand.