Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day

I know some people are very anti-Valentine's Day but I like it. This year Dave and I celebrated the night before and it was a special treat for me. I have been begging for a night away because other then when I was in the hospital with Isabelle I have not had an overnight "break" from the kids. Dave's mom was kind enough to come stay with the kids so that we could get away for the night. Dave surprised me by taking me to The Buttes resort overnight. We ate dinner at one of their restaurants and I had the best creme brulee I have ever had! They mixed berries into the cream instead of just putting it on top. I was looking forward to a good night's sleep since there were no kids to wake me up but unfortunately it was NBA all star weekend in Phoenix and I think there must have been a lot of young people staying there too and they were so loud! All night long people were walking by our room talking loudly and laughing, probably coming to and from the bars. Oh well! In the morning Dave had another wonderful surprise for me. He had scheduled a facial for me at the spa and while I was there he was going to go back with the kids and just let me spend some much needed alone time until check out. It was wonderful! I read my book, watched tv, and just relaxed. The facial was awesome too! I'm so lucky to have Dave! Valentine's Day is also special to us because it is the anniversary of our engagement to. It's fun to celebrate both!

Here are the kids in their Valentine's outfits. It's not a very good picture though because the kids looked so cute!


The Hansen Family said...

Only people who don't get gifts and love on Valentine's Day are anti-Valentine's Day. :)

Yay for you! ♥

Tara T said...

Umm, I am anti-valintines and I get plenty of love. :) But no gifts, I refuse to let Andrew waste money on that day when we have an anniversary coming up

Anyhoo, what an awesome getaway for you!! That was very thoughtful of Dave!! Much deserved for a hardworking mommy!

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

he is a good man! I heart valentine's too!!!