Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Mormon Battalion

This was one of the best things that we did in San Diego.  Everyone loved it and it was so well done. It was so fun, educational, and very interactive.  The Sister missionary that took us on the tour totally fell in love with Isabelle (How could you not?) and told us she was going to write about her in her journal that night.  There are certain parts of the movie where the actors pretend to talk to you but my kids thought it was real.  Isabelle kept saying hi to them and showing them, "her pretty dress." The Sister said it was the most she'd seen anyone try to interact with the movie and could not stop laughing at it. 

The kids loved dressing like soldiers

Isabelle loved talking into the cannon
The kids loved gold panning and they all got to take a piece of gold home with them

They had a great time pretending to be pioneers and soldiers in this covered wagon.

The porch was lined with rocking chairs and it was so nice to just sit and rock for awhile

One of Dave's ancestors was part of the Mormon Battalion and he was able to look him up and gets lots of good information that he could just email to himself so he always has the info!  They also took this picture of us and printed one off for us and then we could email them too.  It was such an efficient place too!


Billie said...

That is so great, I didn't even know that there was a Mormon Battalion place! I can't wait to take my family now.

You do have THE cutest kids! It looks like you had a really great weekend.

BTW, am I related to the relative who was in the Mormon Battalion? Just wondering what side of the family he was on.

Loved this post.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its because of this post that we went to the Mormon Battalion when we were in SD last week. I had been there years ago when it was pretty lame and I had no idea it was done over so cool. We had a great time, so thanks for sharing!