Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Wow I can't believe it has been a year!  I can't believe this little bundle of joy:

Has turned into this big bundle of joy:

We had all the cousins over for cake and ice cream and of course I let Ruby have her own!

She wasn't quite sure what to think at first

Then she tried it...

and couldn't get enough of it! 

I wonder how much actually ended up in her mouth?

She is a little mamma's girl.  It's exhausting sometimes but I wouldn't change it.  Her first word is mamma but she actually says it when she sees our cat who is also named Mamma.  Oh well, at least she technically said my name first.  I also love it when she says "uh-oh."  She is a great crawler and creeper but she isn't trying to walk yet.   She loves to do all the things she knows she's not supposed to do like climb the stairs, hit, and play in the toilet.  How do they learn to be naughty at such an early age!?  She is still a little cuddle bug which I love and I am often reminded that when Dave blessed her, he said she would  be my "special comfort." This is what I think of when she cuddles with me.  She loves to take baths, which is good because she also loves to play outside resulting in lots of baths!  Justin and Isabelle love to play with her and I can just tell that Ruby and Isabelle will be best friends one day! 

There is one thing that I would like to apologize to Ruby for...Ruby, i'm sorry that I didn't realize your name rhymes with a certain female body part until after you were born.  I hope that the teasing isn't too bad in junior high and high school and don't worry, I understand what it will be like since I was often compared to a beaver because of my teeth and called four eyes.  We gets lots of compliments on your name and I still wouldn't change it!  We love you Ruby!

P.S. Sorry about the freaky naked baby picture above.  I couldn't resist.  If I hadn't of been there I would never even think it was Ruby!


Julie said...

So you're one of those moms that has the awesome hospital post-birth pictures. You put the pressure on me to look half way decent!

She's so cute. I love her pink skirt. Happy Birthday! (And I love the name Ruby, even if it rhymes with a body part).

Anonymous said...

almost pussy playtime honey

Anonymous said...

nice to know there is more young pussy in the pipeline as big sis's get too old for me, you will be ready very soon