Saturday, January 23, 2010

Justin is Four Years Old!

Justin got this crown at preschool.  We brought Krispy Kremes donuts so that he could celebrate with all his school friends.

We had a Batman party and Justin of course dressed up as Batman and Isabelle was Supergirl.  I got these reversible capes off of Etsy and they are so cute!

I love cupcake cakes!  They make serving everyone so easy!

Justin loves the cake too!

All of the cousins and siblings. 
 Most of them were dressed up as superheroes earlier but I wasn't fast enough in getting a picture.
Do you think Isabelle enjoyed her cupcake!?

My Brothers
Next time I'll tell them i'm taking a picture of them so they can be ready! :)

Justin had so much fun opening and playing with his presents.  That night when I was tucking him in bed I asked him what his favorite one was.  He said, "All of them!"

Poor Isabelle!  She just didn't get that only Justin was getting presents.  This is the sad look she had after I told her AGAIN that none of the presents were for her.  I even gave her the cape early in the day so that she wouldn't be so sad but I guess it didn't work!

Justin is such a sweet boy!  I love watching him with his sisters and how sweet he can be with them, at least most of the time!  He is a great helper and is very smart.  He is even starting to read!  He loves to wrestle with his dad, he is a pro at video games (I know, not the best thing for him but it's the only thing that makes him sit still for a little while!), he loves superheroes, riding his bike, playing sports, and doing anything that makes him a "big boy."

He was like an old pro at the doctor for his check up.  He was so proud to show the doctor how big he is getting.  We're hoping for a growth spurt though. He was almost 39 inches tall which is only the 20% and weighed 33 lbs which is the 25%!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for Justin!

We love you Justin!


Nutts said...

those capes & masks are too cute! happy birthday to justin, cute kid!

Heather Shepherd said...

That photo of your brothers cracked me up! The way Jimmy is sitting reminded me of Grandpa Walker for some reason.