Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ruby is One Month Old!

Ruby is still sleeping a lot but when she is awake she loves to look around with her beautiful, big eyes. The doctor said they are going to be brown, which is no surprise, but I love the deep blue that they are right now.
I love this picture with Justin in the background because it's really how things are around here. He loves her so much and is constantly around her. Every time I pick him up from school he climbs in the car, goes straight to Ruby, gives her a kiss and says, " I love my baby sister!" It always melts my heart when I hear him say that.
Here are some recent pictures of the other kids too.Justin and Isabelle love to play the piano together.
Isabelle is always laughing and when she isn't it's because she is getting into something she shouldn't be. I can't believe how many messes I clean up a day because of her!

Justin is a Nintedo DS wizard. I didn't know that 3 year olds could be so good at video games!


Julie said...

A month already? That went so fast. You kids are so cute--especially together like that picture by the piano.

Boys are so different from girls. My kids probably couldn't begin to work a Nintendo DS.

Rach said...

She is so pretty! As cute as the others :)