Sunday, January 11, 2009

Justin's First "Real" Haircut

In a couple of weeks Justin turns three and I want to get some pictures taken so I thought I would get him a "real" haircut and let it grow out for a couple of weeks so that it will look perfect for picture day.


As you can tell, Justin was not very happy while she was cutting his hair but overall was a good sport about it. He kept saying, "Mom why is she doing that?" and did not want to look where she was telling him to.

This after picture isn't so bad but I have to say that I don't like his haircut! I miss the long, shaggy, unprofessional looking style and I hope his hair grows back fast. Dave started a sentence today by saying, "Remember in Dumb and Dumber how Jim Carrey's hair looked like a . . ." and then I cut him off. I don't want to admit what Justin's haircut really looks like and I hope I can salvage it for picture day. In the mean time, Justin is enjoying it because it doesn't get in his eyes anymore!


Julie said...

I think I like the pre-haircut better too. BUT, I will say he's a cute kid no matter what!

Kathryn said...

Sorry- I think the hair is darling both ways! You don't have to worry at all!