Monday, December 1, 2008

It was a Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great time for Thanksgiving. We ate at my brother Mark's house along with my parents and my other brother Greg and his family. The food was delicious of course and it's always fun to see all the cousins play together. It was nice to have Dave home for a long weekend too. His sister Rhonda and her family were in town so we got together one night to roast marshmallows and the next day they went on a hike (I opted to go shopping!). Unfortunately, I don't have any great pictures with delicious food in it or beautiful scenery from the hike because I am tired of having a camera that doesn't zoom so we rarely use it! Here are just a couple quick pictures I snapped of the kids.

Justin made this hat at Preschool. He wasn't really in the mood to take a picture so no smile this time!

Isabelle is always in the mood to take a picture and has even learned to say cheese while doing it! Too bad she's not always dressed. . . She just turned 15 months and we can't believe how time has flown!