Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas so far. . .

Fun craft we did with our friends the Cook's using Nutter Butters

Dave and I going to his work Christmas party

Justin was so excited to come home from preschool as Rudolph!

Isabelle striking a pose in her Christmas dress.

Justin's Christmas outfit which is also his first tie. He was very excited!

Dave and I as Mary and Joseph for the ward Christmas program

The kids and Dave all ready for the Christmas party


Tara T said...

I absolutely love Isabelle's hair color. And Justin is so cute as Rudolph!

Lindsay said...

Isabelle is so pretty in that picture of her in her Christmas dress. You're gonna have to keep an eye on her.

Julie said...

That's so funny that they had you be Mary/Joseph, I'm assuming, because you are pregnant? Your friends, the Cooks, are they your neighbors? I went to their house for a baby shower for someone in my ward. Its her brother, I believe. Okay, that's pretty random. Hope you had a great Christmas.