Sunday, April 18, 2010


Justin is having a great time playing t-ball.  The coaches are great but kind of forgot to start with the basics, like showing them the order the bases go and where the positions are.  During the first practice one of the coaches asked Justin where "home" is and Justin started pointing far away towards our house!  Another classic moment was Justin's first at bat in a game and he totally skipped first base and ran straight to second!  Luckily, at this age no one really cares and they're just having a great time!

Justin is the only "lefty" on his team

Justin's team is the "Marlins"

Dave's giving him a few encouraging words before his first at bat

Pretty good stance for only being four!

                                                                         Good game, good game


Taylors said...

he he he, those pics are great!! He's such a cutie

Nutts said...

stinkin' cute Justin!

How is your baby 1 already??? sad!

Julie said...

So cute! Did you get a new camera--the pictures are all amazing!