Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dave's 33!

For Dave's birthday I planned a day trip to Kartchner Caverns. He has always wanted to go there so I thought that it would be a nice getaway. Tombstone happens to only be about a half hour away from there and Dave loves Tombstone so we ended up going to eat there afterwards. The cave was really cool. There were lots of neat formations to look at and the story behind the discovery was really neat too. Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures to be taken in the cave but you can check out the website for some really cool pictures. I would definately recommend going to the cave but make sure you go in the winter time when both parts of the cave are open. Tombstone seemed very "dirty" to me and I don't mean because there was dirt everywhere! I guess I will have to watch the movie sometime and then maybe I will appreciate it. I think Dave loved it though and that's all that really matters! Happy Birthday Dave! I love you so much and you are such an incredible dad and husband. This is us at Tombstone

This was the best part of Tombstone for me- deep dish apple cobbler! Yum!


Joe and Melissa Vega said...

happy b-day OLD MAN:)